Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Trapped in my own thoughts

Teaser for a project i'll be producing this summer, watch this space...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Photo i took at least 4 years ago now, the coincidence of me playing with my camera when a butterfly flys into my room and gently lands on my finger.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fleeting Narratives

Exploring narratives of the everyday. That strangers can pass by so closely to one another and yet know nothing of each other.
Shot using 12-36 x 70 binoculars with mobile phone. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Samaritans

'I stood there at the phone box, looking at the number, and eventually i plucked up the courage to call. The very calm, warm-voiced woman who answered waited while i sobbed into the phone for several minutes.'

'As i waited for her i leaned back in my armchair and felt my eyes closing. The room felt warm and safe.'

'I knew i could trust any volunteer i spoke to and while they gently encouraged me to get help i never felt out of control with them. During my worst times i spoke to them two or three times a day and the support they gave me during my darkest moments undoubtedly stopped me from killing myself'

'The Samaritans promised me total confidentiality and that allowed me to trust them. Disturbing as they no doubt found my story, they never showed it. They were always there for me and promised me that they wouldn't alert the authorities or tell anyone without my permission.'

'When i was self-harming i didn't want anyone to try and solve the problem: I just wanted them to say: "Tell me how you feel and I'll be with you while you're feeling like this"'

'The Samaritans became my lifeline. I have no doubt that i am alive today because of the support they gave me'

'As a caller i hadn't wanted answers, just a feeling that someone would be there to car for me unconditionally, so I knew the power of simply listening, with empathy and compassion'

'At the Samaritans I occasionally get a call from a girl who sounds like me, and while i can't change what's happening to her, i can help'

Part of a study i carried out of the charitable organisation The Samaritans. Photos taken at Guildford Branch, Text extracted from Sophie Andrews book 'Scarred'.